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by Violence To Fade

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released March 8, 2013



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Violence To Fade Massachusetts

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Track Name: Committed
I can feel your stares but it's nothing to me
My drive is just a look at society
It's gone down under and I'll choose to stay above it
A self destructive crutch and I want nothing of it

Evil eyes can't bring me down because I have THE STRAIGHT EDGE
A drug free mind is what I uphold I'll always be committed for life

I see that my choice seems to bother you so much
Obsessed with the way that I live out my life but
You show me just how weak of a man you really are
Your insecurities will only take you so far

Nothing you can say can change my mind committed for life
Track Name: A Rabbit's Foot
Always living life with a cup half empty anger and hate just under a boiling point
You mean to tell me you're really surprised when you find that your life's full of disappointment
You say if you had just a little luck you'd get your life on track to a certain degree
Well here's some advice better listen up well better change things up with that mentality

You must take control of your own life
Instead of relying on the roll of the dice cause you'll find you're shit out of luck

So simple the life of a pessimist keep it up see how far you get
Life ain't fair and we all know this but I'll live mine with no regrets